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By Lisa Salter, 12/03/2018
With colder temperatures arriving in many states, now is a good time to take measures to protect pipes from freezing. Frozen water pipes often burst when they thaw resulting in water damage to your center. Taking proactive measures will greatly reduce disruption to normal daily activities and any associated...

By Robert Esposito, 11/30/2018
Winter is less than a month away but many parts of the country have already experienced record low temperatures. When the temperature drops quickly, it results in slippery and unpredictable road conditions, while rapid thawing can cause fog, hydroplaning, decreased visibility and traction issues. It is an...

September Update

I hope everyone had a nice summer! As it comes to a close I want to remind or inform everyone of a few safety tips for drivers. Please remember to discuss with your drivers the change of traffic patterns, especially now that there’s school traffic and weekend football game day traffic. I hope everyone is actively and routinely coaching their drivers. We don’t need to ever assume that they are aware without our guidance. We all need leadership!fall safety seminar

As far as leadership goes, I also want to express how proud I am of our team! They have put in a lot of extra effort in the last ten months doing two computer conversions. If you have felt any of our growing pains please forgive us. We all expect and work hard to be the best, so please let me know directly if you have any problems with your service. We have a quality team, and we will correct any mistakes to be the best as long as we are aware.

Additionally, I hope everyone received the notice about our Fall Safety Seminar. It will be held on October 17th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m at Wynlakes Country Club in Montgomery. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend! This seminar is a joint effort with Great West Insurance Company. As you probably already know, Great West is one of the premier insurance companies in the nation. Our agenda for the seminar is titled “Avoiding Today’s Detours: Managing Risk on the Road to Success.” They will also be presenting “Seven Traits of Successful Motor Carriers.” There is no charge, and I believe it will be a very beneficial day for everyone involved. You can contact Lynn or Christy in our office to register.

Fall Safety Seminar Details

Avoiding Today's Detours: 
Managing Risk on the Road to Success

Wednesday, October 17th
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Wynlakes Country Club - Montgomery, AL

with Great West Insurance Company

Lastly, we try to add value to our clients for entrusting us with their insurance needs. Our hope is that seminars like these will help, but also let us know if you have any safety needs or advice. We love to provide support and any help that we can!

Thank you again for your business, and we look forward to seeing you at Wynlakes in October!