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By Bill Kingsley, 04/17/2019
The only constant in life is change. About a year ago, many of our clients started to see their aviation insurance premiums increase after years of decline. Today the number one question we are asked is, “Why is my premium going up when I’ve never had a loss?” To understand the current aviation...

By Bill Hamrick, CIC, 03/29/2019
As we embrace spring, it is imperative to highlight the challenges we’ve overcome last season. Insurance rates have skyrocketed, and availability has been limited for bad risk. Over the past few weeks, noteworthy changes have taken place. Recently, our team welcomed four new insurance companies, entering...

Clarifying Coverages and Policies

The busyness of Fall has begun and this month has flown by! 

Earlier in the month we had a successful and productive seminar. We were happy to see many of our clients there. Great West did a wonderful job presenting, and it was very useful information that was shared. The program was titled, “Managing Risk on the Road to Success.” As a recap, they discussed: Leadership Strategies, Improving Safety through Technology, Assessing and Mitigating Risk, and Regulatory Updates. The discussion provided by each of these categories gave a lot of very valuable information. If you were not able to attend, we are happy to share the PowerPoint presentations with you or discuss personally in detail.

In an effort to help you further understand various coverages, we will begin breaking down different types of policies each month.  However, we want to preface this with, “this in no way represents what these policies cover, but tells you how they are used within the industry.”

The first policy we would like to explain is General Liability.  A General Liability policy is used to cover your premises and operation for bodily injury, as well as property damages you become legally responsible for due to a negligent act. Many exclusions apply though so please contact us for specific information and further details as it relates to your insurance needs.

Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!