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By Bill Kingsley, 04/17/2019
The only constant in life is change. About a year ago, many of our clients started to see their aviation insurance premiums increase after years of decline. Today the number one question we are asked is, “Why is my premium going up when I’ve never had a loss?” To understand the current aviation...

By Bill Hamrick, CIC, 03/29/2019
As we embrace spring, it is imperative to highlight the challenges we’ve overcome last season. Insurance rates have skyrocketed, and availability has been limited for bad risk. Over the past few weeks, noteworthy changes have taken place. Recently, our team welcomed four new insurance companies, entering...

Employment Practices Liability

Last month we began addressing policies in layman’s terms.  We will continue this month with Employment Practices Liability.

Most general liability policies exclude wrongful termination lawsuits, discrimination lawsuits (whether related to age, gender, sexual-orientation, religion, etc.), and sexual harassment lawsuits. Therefore, Employment Practices Liability policies are used to cover the aforementioned types of claims, and are very affordable. We highly recommend asking a quote of this type of policy if you have not purchased this coverage.

Additionally, as winter begins we want to remind drivers to slow down and pay careful attention. This time of year produces horrible holiday traffic that can be dangerous and costly. Therefore, it is important for drivers to be aware of daily weather changes and allow themselves more time on their routes. They will never regret paying more attention or choosing to be safe.

Lastly, we encourage you to reflect on what you’re thankful for as we have been doing this month. Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill Hamrick, CIC